Advisory Boards

Advisory Boards and Roundtables

Advisory boards bring together six to eight major employers to discuss the effects of specific chronic medical conditions on their workforces. These day-long discussion sessions help improve each employer’s understanding of not only the chronic medical condition at hand, but the need to screen for and treat the affected employees at the work-site. An advisory board can position a sponsor as a key partner to the employer for treating the chronic medical condition at the worksite. These sessions also provide specific feedback to the sponsor about what knowledge and educational materials are readily available and what can be done to increase both employer and employee understanding of various medical conditions, their co-morbidities and treatment options. The advisory board can be an important first step in the screening process.

Post Approval Studies

Having an ongoing relationship with thought-leading specialists, Med MatRx is able to provide the sponsor with opportunities to obtain further documentation/results pertaining to their product through the Productivity Analysis Program. The Post Launch Analysis Program investigates further any speculations and challenges facing your current product.

The Phase IV studies implemented by Med MatRx include, Retrospective Analysis, Prospective Analysis and Comparative Analysis


Based on the product’s clinical data, and feedback from both the employer and chronic disease specialists, Med MatRx will create an employer presentation to be delivered to their respective PBM. This presentation will identify the advantages of utilizing your product as an effective treatment drug for the specific chronic disease treatment.

The employer, under our guidance as a third party consultant, will present the Employer Presentations