Pharmaceutical Companies

Partnering with Major Pharmaceutical Companies Providing
Selected Employers with Specific Preventive Health & Wellness Programs

Med MatRx's core objectives/business for the pharmaceutical sponsor is to:

  • Position sponsor as a corporate partner in the management of employer's chronic medical condition
  • Execute on-site health care programming with nationally recognized employers
  • Deliver solid education to employers and identify new candidates suitable for medical treatment with intervention activities
  • Implement an employer intervention program that has a 1st year potential return of up to 35%

Our pharmaceutical partners gain:

  • National exposure to employers & employees
    Screenings take place in the most heavily populated areas of the US and with a diverse demographics that is suitable for pharmaceutical intervention
  • National Physician Exposure through Corporate House Calls
    Specialists travel to the worksite to consult with at-risk employees. This unique employee interface may further enhance healthcare manufacture communication efforts
  • Education/awareness of medical conditions and prescribed agents
    Through demographic targeting manufacturers of available agents have the opportunity to increase their reach & frequency
  • Outcomes data generated and published
    The cost of gathering data alone would cost several times more than the entire cost of program and results of an intervention program being published