Employer Worksite Screening – Overview

Med MatRx
Enhancing Employer's Strategic, Competitive Edge through "Specialty Specific" Preventative Health & Wellness Programs.

Med MatRx, L.L.C. is an innovative health care management organization dedicated to improving employee productivity through specialized medical care services.

Employers, plan members and health benefit administrators respond positively to the quality of service provided by Med MatRx physician groups, resulting in…

Significant new patient intake and long-term relationships.
Improved Health Care related workplace productivity while minimizing expenses.
A competitive edge and strengthening of core business competencies.

Why does your company need to continue offering preventative health & wellness to employees, dependents and retirees?

To continue to demonstrate you value the health of your employees, dependents and retirees
To increase productivity and decrease time away from work by offering on-site programs
To decrease health care costs by offering early detection programs
By offering early detection programs at the worksite, your company is being more proactive about your employee's health.

How can Med MatRx help?

Identify preventative health programs that are tailored to the needs of your company
Focus on bottom-line impact and total healthcare return to the company
Building on existing relationships and knowledge of the health and wellness industry, Med MatRx has the expertise and avenues to deliver identified programs

Med MatRx is a Limited Liability Company (L.L.C.) with nationwide reach, created by a combination of specialty physicians and business individuals that are support resources and develop strategic marketing, employer health productivity and pharmaceutical solutions.

Med MatRx, L.L.C. specialty medical groups review and approve each project, and take an active role in implementation, execution and follow-up.

Med MatRx, L.L.C. corporate clients are large firms whose employees are based regionally and nationally.

Med MatRx, L.L.C. is actively developing partnerships, alliances, employer relations and health management opportunities to expand the services available to its clients.

The Home Depot
Southern Company
Coca-Cola, Inc.
Verizon Wireless
Trojan Battery Co.
Delta Airlines
Lockheed Martin Aeronautics